Can Crypto Save Music? #soulchallenge

Can Crypto Save Music? #soulchallenge

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NFTs – non-fungible tokens – are sure to be the next big thing for music buyers, just like we’ve seen with art, and if we don’t act collectively now, some corporation will do NFTs for us and capture all the profits. But the stars have aligned in just the right way to create a massive opportunity for us to do it ourselves and create a decentralized process that we ourselves own and control.

If we act together now, we musicians can set ourselves up for unimaginable profits from our music alone. Music has suffered so tremendously this last year. We can’t count on corporations to help us, we have to find a way to help ourselves.

Let’s take ownership of our masters and leverage their investment potential ourselves, in a way that gives tremendous earning potential to artists early in their career – without giving up our future income and rights. I can’t believe it’s a coincidence that SOUL is the name of the coin that just might save music for future generations.

The solution I outline here is a way to bring musicians into the world of NFT minting with as little work as possible, and without investing any money of our own, while at the same time maximizing rewards by keeping that NFT truly one-of-a-kind. In this plan, we use our existing streaming base to drive traffic to what will become our biggest source of revenue, NFTs. NFTs turn music purchases into investments with the same potential for appreciation that art offers investors.

I want to thank the Phantasma community and team for their help, especially Vincent Geneste, who developed NFT minting for Phantasma. I interrogated him at length on the topic in this video: is the NFT marketplace where soon we will be able to mint NFTs and buy and sell them for $SOUL or $KCAL:

I also want to thank Hashoshi, one of the very best and most reputable crypto YouTubers out there (hint: you should definitely subscribe), for turning me on to Phantasma during the long, desperate days of a 2020 spent searching for the answer contained in this video. Here are two videos he’s done on Phantasma, including the one from the thumbnail I show in the video:

Low-cap Gems:

Blockchain Gaming Adoption:

Phantasma has an official website:

And an unofficial one:

SOUL is currently available for purchase from KuCoin and several other exchanges, and both SOUL and KCAL are available on Uniswap. A great place to start is the Phantasma Telegram group, get involved in the community. There are two groups, one is kept separate for price discussion, so that the official group is open for people with questions.

Phantasma Telegram group:

Phantasma Price Chat group:

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. It’s more like pointing out the obvious, that if X happens, then Y will follow. I’m not saying it WILL happen, that’s up to the viewers of the video if they choose to act or not. Of course there are always risks involved with low-cap altcoins, so do your own research.

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