Phantasma NFT Self-Minting – Vincent Geneste Interview – House of NFT Daily Dose – Nov 2, 2020

With a blockchain built from the ground up to push the NFT envelope while supporting cross-chain interoperability, and a track record for setting out to achieve the impossible and then achieving it, you know it won’t be long before the full vision for cross-chain non-fungible tokens with all of the “smart NFT” features Vincent talks about is fully implemented on the Phantasma blockchain.

The NFT revolution is going to be the story of 2021 – watch this interview, and you won’t get left behind.

Ghost Market


Phantasma Dev Discord


Phantasma Web

https://phantasma.io (official)


DISCLAIMER: NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. I’m the last person you should listen to about financial matters, why do you think I’m talking about NFTs. I love creativity and art and music and I’m not a financial advisor or even close. 

P.S. There is no sponsored content in this video.

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